Obrazek wczytywania się skryptu Obrazek tła, rycina w drewnie przedstawiająca dwie kobiety ubrane w stroje tajlandzkie. Obrazek tła, zbliżenie na drewnianą rycinę. Przedstawa twarz kobiety. Obrazek tła, kamienna rzeźba przedstawiająca tajskiego bożka. Obrazek tła, ręcznik ułożony w kule razem z kwiatem lotosu.




The most important part of our restaurant is the 37 year old chef Ton, who originates from northern Thailand. His skills and culinary gift has come to my attention when, every evening, I frequented the restaurant in which he was an artist, dancing by two woks, accompanied by sizzling oil, in an aura of tasty, fragrant flames. He used to work on Bangkok’s most famous street- Sukumvit, with a menu seemingly exclusive for the locals. But the crowds of patrons, as well as his culinary endavours had also attracted tourists. Those who know Thailand are aware that there are millions of restaurants, thousands of courses, and hundreds of ways to prepare them. I thus implore those of you who have already sampled those tastes to give the chef a chance to show off his mastery. He will season the meal with memories, unleash new dreams, soothe longing and let you persevere separation. Those who are looking for new tastes are welcome to discover the essence of Asia here in Silesia- in the land of tasty meat rolls and juicy pork knuckles. Every day we set the bar a little higher, striving to live up to your expectations. We ship our ingredients by air mail directly from Thailand and buy only the highest quality products .
By running an open kitchen, we want to keep no secrets from you.